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Welcome to our new website! 

All of the behind-the-site working have been updated, and while it isn't something that you can see, the changes should make using the site much easier for you. Our security has been updated, as well as our payment options. This means it should be much easier for you to pay by card. We have also implemented a Loyalty points scheme - every £1 spent will earn 1 point. These points can be used against future purchases.

All of these changes in the background does mean that you will need to sign up for a new account. To thank you for doing this you will automatically receive 200 Loyalty points

About Us

Gina-B Silkworks designs and produces a variety of craft kits, books, DVDs and other items with an emphasis on handwork & passementerie (textile trimmings). We also stock a range of tools & materials for these crafts.