Tornado Coiling & Twisting Tools WT0221

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These tools make the prep for ganutell and wirework easy!

This pack contains 3 coiling tools to aid in the creation of perl (cannetille) wire in 3 sizes. These perl coils can be used for ganutell, to make beads, to use in stumpwork, metal embroidery, passementerie and in other wire working techniques.

Use the included twisting tool to create twisted torsades for tassels from the perl, as well as prepared wire for ganutell. The twisting tool can also be used to create simple cords and to twist wires together.


  • 2.4mm dia stainless steel coiling rod
  • 1.6mm dia stainless steel coiling rod
  • .08mm dia stainless steel coiling rod
  • 2.4mm dia twisting rod
  • 2 x acrylic winding spacers
  • 1 x cup hook (fixed point)
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