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Button Templates BTK1906

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These reusable acrylic tools will become invaluable in your button making toolkit.

Each large template has a series of graduated slots to enable you to mark out circles and squares in a variety of sizes, from 20mm to 92mm. The small moulds are to create even small shapes by drawing around them.

These shapes can then be made into a variety of button covers and moulds. Instructions are included to make ball, flat, toggle, domed, beads and soft ring moulds – many of which can be created using both fabric and paper.

Soft shapes are particularly good when buttons need to be able to be washed, while harder versions - especially in the smallest sizes - are perfect for many tiny historic styles. They are useful for the centres of knot buttons for instance, and of course flat circles and squares can also be made from cardboard to act as flat button moulds.

Can also be used to mark out the shapes for embroidery, patchwork, appliqué and drawing.

Some of the sizes directly correspond to the button patterns given in Gina's "Fabric Buttons" book.

Contents -

Four glass edge effect acrylic templates -

  • Large circle - dia 92mm
  • Small circles 39mm x 14mm
  • Large Square 92mm x 92mm
  • Small squares 39mm x 14mm

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