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Petal & Leaf Jig GPLJ-01

£ 15.99 each
  • Description

Acrylic Jig with pegs, patterns & organza storage bag

Use to make repeatable floral wire patterns using craft wire

Perfect for gantutell, embroidery, jewellery, needlelace, cartouchage, paper & fabric wired flowers

The jig has a clear top, allowing patterns to be placed beneath it.

The unique design allows for smoother curves than standard pegboards.

Gantuell (Silk wrapped wire flowers) and other forms of wired passementerie often includes small shapes that are repeated - such as petals. Traditional wire jigs have the holes for the pegs laid out in grids, which means that curved shapes often have ridges and points where they aren't wanted. This jig has been designed with holes placed so that smoother curves can be achieved, allowing for more naturalistic wire shapes.

The unique two piece design also allows you to place patterns underneath the top panel, ensuring that your hole placement for a particular design is quick and easy to achieve.

Perfect not only for ganutell and cartouchage, but also great for jewellery, stumpwork and many other crafts.