Jig Top No 2 GPLJ-T02

£ 9.99 each
  • Description

This Jig Top has a new configuration of holes allowing for new shapes to be created - including 13 that are referred to in the Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook. 

New top - new hole configuration for new shapes

  • Makes repeatable floral wire shapes
  • Fits the original Petal & Leaf Jig to expand the shapes that can be created
  • Includes 13 shapes used in the Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook>
  • Includes 18 petal & leaf patterns
  • Design your own shape patterns
  • Smoother curves than standard pegboards

This new Jig Top is designed to be used with the original Petal & Leaf Jig. Unscrew the screw, remove the original top, and place this one on top. The new configuration of holes expands the designs that can be made using the jig.


  • >Jig Top No 2
  • Pegs
  • 18 Patterns
  • Organza storage bag
  • Spare scrylic screws
  • Instructions
  • Note: This item requires the original Petal and Leaf Jig