Silk Ribbon Creative Pack form Au Ver a Soie - Blanc/Noir SRIBPACK-BlancNoir

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One pack, one colour atmosphere, 5 Au Ver a Soie threads of different textures... and your needlework will never be the same!

This creative pack contains 5 full Au Ver a Soie products. -

Soie d'Alger  5m 

Soie Perlee - 16m
A 3 ply twisted filament silk that is smooth, soft, and lustrous. It is made of the best qualities of raw (filament) silk which give it an unrivalled brightness and softness. 

Metallic Tresse - 10m
A soft & resilient metallic thread for hand work

Soie Surfine - 100m
A 2 ply spun silk with a moderate lustre, smooth, soft. It is made of the best quality spun silk (called strusas) which gives it an unrivalled regularity, lustrous and softness

Silk ribbon - 4mm (3m)
A beautiful ribbon woven from pure silk and dyed on skeins to get perfect colour-coordination.

Brand: Au Ver a Soie Au Ver a Soie