Marathon Viscose Rayon 1000m Colour 1110 Mint Green

£ 2.99 each
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A machine embroidery thread that is also perfect for satin wrapping tassels heads, decorations and buttons. Most modern passementerie houses use viscose rayon as an alternative to silk. It is also very good for cord making - including wrapping gimps, plying up for decorative work and even some hand embroidery.

Colour C1110 Mint Green

Marathon embroidery thread has a thread count of 120d/2 (40s). It is manufactured in their state of the art factory, which has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation. In addition, the thread has achieved Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for environmental compliance in production.

Good quality viscose rayon has exceptional sheen and lustre, combined with a soft feel and touch. Marathon thread is also wash and boil fast.

Top quality viscose rayon accounts for over 80% of all embroidery thread sales worldwide. Marathon viscose rayon embroidery thread is used by many of the world's leading brands and garment manufacturers and is widely regarded as one of the best quality thread brands available.