Rajmahal Art Silk Floss #104 (Cinnamon) RAS104

£ 1.15 each
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Rajmahal Art Silk : 6 Strand divisible silk & viscose natural fibre blend. 8m Skein

Colour: Shade No. 104


This is a very fine thread that works beautifully for embroidery and other fine applications

Care: Dry cleaning is recommended for optimum care and continued lustre. Gentle washing is also possible. Take care that the water is not too hot (use cold or warm). 

If you feel that the threads are out of control, the following hints will assist you to calm them.

  • Iron threads (through the cover of a clean cloth) and pull thread through while pressing with a warm iron
  • Run slightly damp cotton wool along strands just prior to working, or moisten with your fingertips
  • Pass the thread lightly along beeswax before using in conjunction with metal threads
  • Spray working thread lightly with spray starch
  • Run thread through an 'anti-static' drier sheet
  • Place in the freezer for several hours to eliminate static electricity
Brand: Rajmahal Embroidery Rajmahal Embroidery