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Gold - Gimp 2mm wide - Hand Spun & Dyed 1710-2-GOLD

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This fine gimp cord has been hand made exclusively for Gina-B Silkworks, using traditional passementerie techniques. 

We have commissioned a range of passementerie cords (known in the trade as 'lines') from a leading passementerie workshop. These beautiful cords and trims can be used to create stunning decorative textiles.

This gimp is made by wrapping fine viscose rayon thread over a central cotton core, resulting in a stiff cord - this one with a width of approx .2mm. The gimp is then hand dyed, which means that the core is also dyed - very important to ensure that no white shows through.

Gimp is also known as bourdon (or bordon cord), wrapped cord and guipure.

This is perfect for a variety of passementerie techniques, especially knots and of course tassel making. It is also suitable for couching in embroidery, using alongside soutache in jewellery and for macrame. 

Price is per metre

Where possible, lengths over 1m will be cut as a continuous length

Our passementerie range is currently available in a selection of colours that are seen often in traditional passementerie. Below is a colour comparison table for matching to other manufacturer's threads. Please note that this is a guide only, and colours are not exact.


Finca Perle

Madeira Classic

DMC stranded

Au Ver a Soie Alger/Paris

Au Ver a Soie Ovale

Au Ver a Soie Perlee

Au Ver a Soie Gobelins

 White 1000 1001/1004 blanc blanc creme creme brut
 Magenta 2333 1110 3805 1034 n/a 723 1042
 Red 1490 1238 321 946 946 348 945
 Purple 2711 1122 327 3315 3336 037 3336
 Damson 2595 1386 550 5116 n/a 222 n/a
Slate Blue 3229 1163 932 1743 112 417 112
Blue 3405 1376 311 115 1423 313 1423
Dark Navy 3327 1161 823 1436 n/a 446 n/a
Mid Green 4485 1098 562 1825 1834 735 1834
Green 4323 1304 3818 236 225 549 225
Gold 7155 1192 3829 524 2400 303 2400
Black 0007 1000/1006 310 noir noir noir noir

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