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tassel wand

The Tassel Wand

£ 14.99 each
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Hand crafted and made to be used with Gina-B's Total Trimmings Table and the Total Trimmings Table Deluxe, the Tassel Wand is specially designed to assist in advanced tassel making - a third hand.

The Tassel Wand fits into the larger holes of both tables, allowing you to hold tassels and tassel element and moulds in an upright position while you work. This helps to ensure that tassel decorations and trimming is even.

The wand is long enough to be placed between the holes in the large uprights of the original table, or can sit in the grooves of the Deluxe version, so that tassel moulds can be easily 'rolled'. The washers will help to hold tassels at different heights/positions on the wand.

What others have said (from the Create & Craft website)-

"Such a simple looking thing, but if you want to make your tassels look good, it's a must! Makes life easier, and gives a much more profesional finish."

"I have used this with a cone of yarn whilst doing Lucetting, It keeps things in the right place and stops yarn falling on the floor with my hairy dogs. I love Gina's products and this is no exception."

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