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making tassels vol 1

Making Tassels Vol. 1: Soft Tassel Techniques (DVD)

£ 16.99 each
  • Description

A step-by-step guide to a variety of passementerie techniques for creating decorative soft tassels.

  • Eye level cameras
  • Selectable menus
  • Clear & precise narration
  • Smart editing to avoid repetition
  • Includes an inspiration section - six different ideas to create pretty tassels

Available in PAL or NTSC versions
Running time approx 143 mins - 1 disc 
Part of the Making Passementerie series of instructional dvds

Tassel making is one of the mainstays of passementerie. This dvd will guide you through the methods of making and decorating soft tassels. A variety of techniques are clearly shown - creating a basic tassel, head, skirt and neck decorations and unusual shapes. An 'Inspiration' section is included - 6 tassel designs worked from start to finish.

Create key tassels, pompoms, jewellery; embellish clothing, accessories, papercrafts, cushions and other soft furnishings - tassel is the perfect finishing touch to any project.

Learn how to make soft tassels including tufts, pompoms, squashed & layered design and various decorating techniques. Includes warping, cord twisting, binding, working a turk's head knot, satin wrapping, beading, embroidery, trimming and more. Each step is clear and easy to follow - select from simple, structured menus.

ISBN:978-0-9546618-9-2 (PAL)

Techniques included on this DVD:
cord twisting - satin wrapping wooden beads - make a beaded bead - preparing wooden beads - making a soft tassel using tassel boards and fixed points - binding - adding internal beads - adding bulk - adding cords - trimming methods - making pompoms - making loop tassels - 

Squashed Tassels: single top - double top - low tassel - tuft - 

Head decorations:grappe 1 point - knotted buttonhole - beaded - basic turk's head knot -

Skirt decorations: trimming - netted groups - bead fringe - mini tassels - mini pompoms - binding - plaiting - knotted - Neck decorations: binding - half hitch - embroidered - beaded - turk's head knot

As well as a tools & materials guide and Inspiration section with tassel projects.

What others have said (from the Create & Craft website):

"Watching and learning all the time. Really good instructions."

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