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Yubinuki (Japanese Thimble) Kit: Scales

£ 7.99 each
  • Description

Learn how to make beautiful embroidered ring thimbles using traditional Japapanese techniques

Yubinuki are pretty ring style thimbles commonly used by the Japanese makers of Temari (embroidered silk balls). The thimbles are traditionally made from silk scraps and silk threads, and are decorated using embroidery. Older yubinuki utilise many embroidery stitches, however today, the herringbone stitch is the most common. The way that the threads are manipulated create the designs - much the same way as thread wrapping a button.

This kit uses cotton threads and fabrics, making it a great start for the beginner. It takes you through the stages to measure and make a thimble to fit your finger, and then how to decorate the thimble using a set sequence of stitching. 

There are enough materials in each kit to make three thimbles in the same colourway.

Design: Scales - Nishoku-uroko

Choose from three colourways - 

Orange & Green
Blue & White
Dark & Light Pink

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