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Japanese Paper Embroidery - Mari Kamio, Minako Chiba
2017-09-08 11:54
Japanese Paper Embroidery - Mari Kamio, Minako Chiba - Paperback   Embroidery on paper is a traditional and well-loved craft, here artfully transl
9781782212485 £ 12.99 each
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Stumpwork Butterflies & Moths - Jane Nicholas
2017-09-08 12:57
Stumpwork Butterflies & Moths - Jane Nicholas Hardback  A beautiful, excellent quality, heavy hardback book that will guarantee to get you ins
9781863514521 £ 24.99 each
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Zakka Embroidery - Yumiko Higuchi
2018-11-24 13:36
Zakka Embroidery - Yumiko Higuchi With a kaleidoscope of thread colours available, the task of picking just the right palette for an embroidery proje
9781611803105 £ 18.99 each
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Textile Folk Art - Anne Kelly
2020-06-12 15:36
Textile Folk Art - Anne Kelly A practical and inspirational guide to textile folk art from cultures all aroundthe world, accompanied by step-by-step
9781849944588 £ 22.99 each
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Embroidered Treasures, Animals - Dr Annette Collinge
2020-06-12 15:47
Textile Folk Art - Anne Kelly A fabulous collection of photographs of rarely seen embroidered animals in the Embroiderers' Guild Collection. This f
9781782211358 £ 19.99 each
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Coils, Folds, Twists & Turns. Contemporary Techniques in Fiber - Tracy Jamar
2020-06-12 16:03
Coils, Folds, twists & Turns. Contemporary Techniques in Fiber: Tracy Jamar  Learn to use traditional fabric techniques in modern ways. Fibre a
9780811716581 £ 14.99 each
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Beginners Guide to Stumpwork - Kay Dennis
2020-07-31 14:52
A practical, step-by-step guide which clearly shows how to create beautiful raised and padded embroideries. Kay Dennis is passionate about Stumpwork.
9781782217909 £ 9.99 each
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Beginners Guide to Blackwork - Lesley Wilkins
2020-07-31 15:00
Blackwork is a classic 16th-century embroidery technique, in which beautiful designs are created by stitching geometric designs onto evenweave fabric.
Modern Kogin - Boutique-Sha
2020-07-31 15:12
25 adorable and easy kogin embroidery projects to make in bright and modern colour schemes designed for contemporary life. Discover the art of kogin,
Jane Austin Embroidery - Jennie Batchelor & Alison Larkin
2020-07-31 15:04
Jane Austen was as skilful with a needle as she was with a pen. This unique book from Jennie Batchelor and Alison Larkin showcases recently-discovered
9781911624400 £ 16.99 each
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A-Z Stumpwork - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:17
A comprehensive guide to this raised embroidery technique, featuring all the stitches and techniques the needleworker needs to know, with hints, tips,
9781782211778 £ 12.99 each
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A-Z Embroidery Stitches - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:22
The A-Z of Embroidery stitches is designed to encourage you to try new techniques, explore new horizions, and above all, to experiment. Whatever your
A-Z Embroidery Stitches 2 - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:27
More than 145 new stitch techniques, each one fully explained with clear step-by-step photographs. The ultimate reference guide for needleworkers wit
9781782211693 £ 12.99 each
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A-Z Crewel Embroidery - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:32
This book introduces you to the tradition that is crewel embroidery and its transformation into an art form that is still popular today. The book is a
9781782211631 £ 12.99 each
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A-Z Whitework - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:35
The ultimate resource for beginning and experienced needlecrafters who want to discover the timeless appeal of whitework in its many forms. The ultim
9781782211792 £ 12.99 each
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A-Z Wool Embroidery - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:38
The A-Z of Wool Embroidery is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in this field of needlecraft. Part of the bestselling A-Z series, this t
9781782211808 £ 12.99 each
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A-Z Goldwork with Silk Embroidery - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:42
Over 540 step-by-step photographs to help you create each one of the eight featured projects like an expert, while learning more than 100 different go
9781782211709_copy612856746 £ 12.99 each
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A-Z Smocking - Country Bumpkin
2020-07-31 15:46
The A-Z of smocking is designed to reveal every secret and answer every question you have on this timeless art. Over a thousand step-by-step photograp
9781782211761 £ 12.99 each
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Embroidered Treasures, Flowers - Dr Annette Collinge
2020-07-31 15:51
This book showcases the best of the collection’s floral-inspired embroideries, dating from the 17th century to the present day. From abstract to nat
Embroidered Treasures, Birds - Dr Annette Collinge
2020-07-31 15:56
This fantastic book showcases the prestigious Embroiderers’ Guild’s huge collection of embroidered birds through the ages. Featuring photographs t
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