Almanac Maker Journal Template Tool (Bat Books) ALM321

£ 11.99 each
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This unique template tool has been designed to help you to make almanac style journals and bat books in two sizes, starting with A4 or A5 sized paper.

This type of ancient take-with-you book is known as a bat book, not because of the cricket bat shape, but because they traditionally hung upside down from a belt with the pages folded up - so like a sleeping bat!

The tool has been designed so that you can choose from a variety of different cover shapes.

Many of the ancient books were covered with embroidery - our quarter and half inch allowance guides help you to mark your fabric perfectly.

Pages fold out so are perfect for thoughts and sentiments

The large journal pages begin with an A4 piece of paper - the small with an A5


  • Acrylic template tool
  • quarter inch seam allowance guide
  • half inch seam allowance guide
  • instructions