Teneriffe Lace Loom #7 : Sun in Splendor TTL1807

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Teneriffe Lace Loom #7 has a unique combination of holes to create two differently shaped motifs. The first, a central 'sun' – with six points and inward curves. The second is a circular medallion which fits into the curves of the sun – work six medallions to create a Sun in Splendor doily without another loom. This can continually grow, as well as have other shapes added.

Includes four patterns

Teneriffe Lace is one of the simplest forms of needle lace. The main ways of connecting the threads is by a simple knot and then darning (needle weaving) to create solid areas. By making small, individual pieces of lace, that are later joined together if a larger piece is required, the work isn't as daunting as other forms of lace making!

In lace making, it is always spelt 'Teneriffe'. This is because the island of Tenerife used to have two f's in the spelling. That changed with time, but the lace did not.


  • Each loom is designed to fit in the hand, with numbered handles for easy reference.
  • Looms have different hole configurations allowing different designs to be worked
  • The violet colour helps to avoid eye strain when working with white and other pale colours traditionally used in lace-making
  • Use anywhere - no need for pins or cushions, although they can be used if the maker prefers

Loom #7:

    6.5cm sun – 48 holes
    4cm medallion – 36 holes