Lotsoknots Fine Macrame Board

£ 9.99 each
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This macramé board is designed to be used with fine threads and small pins, to create macramé lace, fringes, and micro pieces. The thin foam board is printed with a fine grid to one side ( 2.5mm / 1cm divisions) so that macramé lace making is easier - traditional boards are designed to be used with thicker threads and ropes, so rarely have such fine divisions.

The board can be used by placing it on the Gina-B Total Trimmings Table Deluxe or any other firm, protected surface. (always protect your surface)

The board is also printed with the most common macramé knots in diagram form, so that you do not need to refer to other books while you work.

Included in the pack is one MDF macrame hanger (designs will vary). This can be decorated for your own project, and are the perfect way to display fine macramé pieces. They also are perfect for any other mini-hangings, be it fabric, embroidery, netting, or weaving.


  • Fine Macramé Board
  • Lace pins

Part of the Gina-B Silkworks Lotsoknots range - focusing on decorative knotting tools and materials


The finished examples shown are for inspiration purposes only