Lotsoknots Filet Frame (Small Slate Frame) Set

£ 9.99 each
  • Description

This set of three square acrylic frames are designed so that square netted fabrics can be easily stretched, ready to be embroidered to create what is traditionally known as 'filet lace'. Full instructions are included to teach the basics of filet lace embroidery.

The netted fabric can be machine made or hand made - this kit comes supplied with instructions to make your own square net, a bodkin and three sizes of gauge to create differently sized 'holes' - all you need to to is add the thread.

These smaller squares mean that you can make individual pieces to use on their own, or to join to others to create larger pieces of lace.

Experienced lace makers can also use the frames to create some forms of needle-made lace.

They can also be used as mini slate frames for embroidery of smaller items such as buttons. In this instance, working around the frame as opposed to through the holes, is the better way. 


  • 3 Acrylic Frames
  • 3 Bamboo gauges
  • 1 bodkin
  • instructions for netting and stretching net


Part of the Gina-B Silkworks Lotsoknots range - focusing on decorative knotting tools and materials