Button Knotting Tools BKT20

£ 14.99 each
  • Description

Two handy tools to help you to create small turk’s head, globe and other knots - perfect for buttons.

These tools have been designed to help you to create small knot buttons. They are based on universal knot grids, and can be used to tie knots with up to 10 standard bights, and more with interwoven and globe knots.

Tool #1 has prongs at the top. These prongs have been designed to aid in creating loops for attachment, and for sewing on buttons of all types to give a shank.

Tool #2 has more rows of holes, to support larger working threads (up to 3mm dia) and to create globe knots.


  • 2 x specially designed acrylic knotting tools
  • Colour booklet with knotting ‘recipes’