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Stitch Ezi Frame - 10" embroidery frame with stand SEZF10

£ 34.99 each
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The Stitch Ezi Frame has been designed & made by Rajmahal Threads in Australia to suit a variety of needlework purposes. 

The frame is plastic, so lightweight, with an integral base ring that acts as a stand. Being a ring, this stand also works on a cushion so you are not confined to sitting at a table to use it. 

It is designed for hands-free work - no need to hold onto the frame as you embroider. this is great for more complicated stitches and of course lessened the hand a wrist strain associated with holding a frame as you work.

It can be tilted to any angle to suit the embroiderer, including rotating entirely so that the back of the work can be easily accessed. It can be collapsed by loosening the wing nuts into a flat position to put away or to carry. 

Its most unique feature is the nodular surface of the top rings for the gripping of fabrics. This helps to maintain the tension with most fabrics as you work, without the need to bind the rings (although if you exclusively work with exceptionally lightweight or slippery fabrics, you may still need to).

The frame can also be taken apart (with the aid of a screwdriver and spanner - not included) and re-arranged to enable you to tension thicker materials such as baby blankets and small quilt pieces for hand quilting. 

Great for embroidery, cross-stitch, candlewicking, wool embroidery, applique and lap quilting. It is also ideal for bead work and gold work. 

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