Sagemon Template Tool : Rabbit SGTS38

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These little dolls made from fabric and threass are often hung from mobiles for Hinamatsuri (Girls' Day) in Japan. They have many regional names, some of which, such as tsurushikazari, are difficult for the English speaker. As recommended by a Japnese friend, we chose Sagemon, which is from the Yanagawa area, as it is easier to remember in English.

Rabbit: Usagi

Rabbits are very popular symbols in Japan and have many meanings. Because they step forward and do not take steps back they are a symbol of advancement.

They are also a symbol of spring & fertility, additionally representing that the child will become a gently person. Sometimes they are stitched with red eyes to ward off evil.

This tool will enable you to accurately mark the fabric pieces to make the components for these sweet little dolls, including two styles of kimono, Obi (belt) and headband. Full instructions are included.