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Making Braids & Cords (DVD)

£ 16.99 each
  • Description

A step-by-step guide to making over 25 braids and cords using both traditional and modern passementerie techniques.

  • Eye level cameras
  • Selectable menus
  • Clear & precise narration
  • Smart editing to avoid repetition
  • Includes a clearly illustrated braid chart for easy selection

Available in PAL or NTSC versions
Running time approx 94 mins - 1 disc 
Part of the Making Passementerie series of instructional dvds

Learn how to plait, fingerloop braid, twist, knot, weave, wrap & use a sewing machine to create a variety of decorative braids. Includes notes on measuring and warping, tensioning and finishing braids as well as how to use them. Each step is clear and easy to follow - select from simple, structured menus.

ISBN: 978-0-9546618-8-5 (PAL)

Braids & cords included on this DVD:4 element braid, 2 versions - 5 element braid, 2 versions - crossover braid, soutache, 3 versions, round lace, broad lace, baston, lace bend, 2 versions, grene dorge, chevron, 'German' lace, monk's cord, 3 element cord, 2-in-1 cord, wavy gimp, double-spun cord, gimp, spiral, hand knotted, zig-zag cord, encased cord, rouleau cord

What others have said -

"I watched your show recently on Create and Craft and bought your Making Braids and Cords DVD. I think it's great. I have always been interested in how braids are made, but get confused with written instructions and photographs. I haven't really done much since I used to plait my daughters hair when she was at school, and she's now 37. 
Your DVD has set me off. I made an embroidery floss friendship bracelet with 4 threads for the first time this morning. It's not great, but getting there, and practice will make perfect. Perhaps a thicker thread to start would have helped me. 
I've also had a go at the Round Lace 5 loop. I've never seen this done before your show. I got quite a way along before I messed up, and I have unravelled it, but that was looking great, the tension was very easy to keep, and it was only my 59 bumbling fingers that let me down, lol."~S.A 

From the Create & Craft website:

"I bought this alongside thread wrapping buttons DVDs after watching Gina's TV Demos - just had to give it a go. As with her other DVDs this also gives truly fabulous instructions - so clear and well illustrated. Inspirational too."

"This is a good product for learning the basics, but be aware once you get started it can be addictive"