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Peg Loom Weaving Kit
Make your own tweed fashion belt

£ 14.99 each
  • Description

Peg loom weaving is one of the easiest ways of weaving long, narrow lengths of cloth. There's no need for fancy looms, but the end results can be used as most other narrow weaves - especially for belts!

This kit updates the basic principle a little, using acrylic tubes to assist the weaving instead of drilled pegs. The smooth surface of the acrylic means that the weave slides more easily while working, and the hollow tube makes set up quick and easy. You'll only need three for this belt, but the kit contains five so that you can create wider pieces later. The kit has instructions for a belt approximately 1.75m long (example shown).

The kit contains 100g of Troon tweed oiled pure wool in flecked grey - also available in terracotta, please see listing. This wool is lovely to work with, and the fleck of colour associated with tweed wool help to create a lovely natural look. This wool is spun in Scotland.

Also included is a faux tortoiseshell open buckle and full instructions so that you can finish your weaving by creating a lovely belt that would look great over a plain coat or dress.

If you already own the Total Trimmings Table or Total Trimmings Table Deluxe, these weaving tubes can also be used with that, allowing you to support the tubes in a more traditional manner while weaving cloth that is spaced further apart. They can also be used as additional warping posts. 

A great introduction into the world of narrow ware weaving!

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