Button Necklace Kit - Zwirnknopfe

£ 14.99 each
  • Description

Make your own unique zwirnknopfe button necklace - while learning how to make pretty ring buttons at the same time.

Thread button making has a long history - now days, the techniques are used to make pretty buttons for all types of embellishment. Ring buttons were made throughout Europe, and these designs use techniques practiced in Germany, Austria and other European countries.

The technique differs from the 'Dorset' button that many people are familiar with and are often referred to as 'Shirtlace' buttons. 'Zwirnknopfe' simply means 'thread button' !

The kit will teach you how to make 5 different ring button designs, in 5 sizes, all based on traditional designs.

Step by step instructions will take you through how to make each of the buttons, and how to put the necklace together.


  • Full instructions
  • felt tapestry
  • needle
  • 2 skeins cotton thread
  • length of cotton thread
  • organza necklace with clasp
  • jump rings
  • button moulds