Soie D'Alger Spun Silk - #524 - (Gold)

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Beautiful Soie D'Alger spun silk skein from Au Ver a Soie 

Colour: 524 (Gold)
Length: 5m

Alger silk is a 7 stranded spun silk suitable for a wide variety of applications. This silk is loosely plied and can be split easily. 

It doesn't come from Algeria. The name "Alger" refers to a special domestic process. It is made of the best quality spun silk (called strusas) which gives it an unrivalled regularity, lustrous and softness.

Au Ver a Soie Alger threads do not snarl in the needle and have a good tensile strength. It resists also very well to abrasion. The company takes care to ensure that this product is properly made. It is considered as a reference thread in all needlework activities.

Hand applications : Buttons, Ganutell, Cartouchage, Cartisane,  Tapestries and Embroideries (restoration and creation), Trimmings, Cross stitch, Counted Thread, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Hardanger, Lace making, Blackwork, Ribbon embroidery, Stumpwork, Smocking, Quilting, Crazy quilting, Crewel and Miniature work to name but a few!

Au Ver a Soie Colour System: Yellow / A3

A dark yellow - works well with our exclusive gimp range

Similar DMC Stranded cotton shade: 3829 (guide only)

Brand: Au Ver a Soie Au Ver a Soie