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Flower Comb "Carolus" Ribbon Ruching Tools 18 & 21
2019-03-16 16:03
CarolusFlower Comb Ribbon Ruching Tools #18 & #21 Tool 18 has swirl repeats, while tool 21 has a double swirl and crenellation pattern for use w
£ 6.99 each
Flower Comb "Garland" Ribbon Ruching Tools 16 & 32
2019-03-16 16:00
GarlandFlower Comb Ribbon Ruching Tools #16 & #32 Tool 16 has key pattern repeats, while tool 32 has dots and columns for use with ribbon width
£ 6.99 each
Flower Comb "Duchess" Ribbon Ruching Tools 06 & 26
2019-03-16 15:57
DuchessFlower Comb Ribbon Ruching Tools #6 & #26 Tool 6 has trapezoidal repeats, while tool 26 has narrow V's for use with ribbon widths of 15mm
£ 6.99 each
Flower Comb Starter Kit (Tools 12 & 28)
2019-03-16 15:57
Starter Kit The starter kit is the perfect introduction to making ribbon flowers with the Flower Comb tools. Contains two Flower Comb Ribbon Ruching
£ 14.99 each
Acrylic pegs (Total Trimmings Table)
2019-03-01 15:05
A pack of 6 clear acrylic pegs to fit the Total Trimmings Table and expand the warping capacity.
£ 2.49 each
Yorkshire Button Kit
2019-01-15 16:30
Yorkshire buttons are very similar in technique to the traditional Dorset buttons. However, they are made on a little loom, and then stuffed to create
£ 14.99 each
Dorset Button Journal Kit
2019-01-15 16:22
Dorset ring buttons are one of the most well known of all of the thread button cottage industries. Traditionally they were made using white linen or c
£ 14.99 each
Macclesfield & Leek Button Journal Kit
2019-01-15 16:22
As a cottage industry, thread wrapped buttons were made throughout the Macclesfield and Leek areas of England. The designs in this kit are made using
£ 14.99 each
Teneriffe Lace Loom #7 : Sun in Splendor
2019-01-15 16:12
Teneriffe Lace Loom #7 has a unique combination of holes to create two differently shaped motifs. The first, a central 'sun' – with six points and i
£ 9.99 each
Bourdon Metallic / col 1102 / 10m
2019-01-15 09:22
This fine metallic thread from Au Ver a Soie is made by wrapping metal around a central core. This gives a more solid, shiny appearance than a braided
£ 3.99 each
Twenty to Make: Micro Macramé Jewellery - Suzen Millodot
2018-11-24 15:14
Twenty to Make: Micro Macramé Jewellery - Suzen Millodot An up to date look at macrame techniques which offers crafters and jewellery makers fresh,
£ 4.99 each
No stock
Zakka Embroidery - Yumiko Higuchi
2018-11-24 13:36
Zakka Embroidery - Yumiko Higuchi With a kaleidoscope of thread colours available, the task of picking just the right palette for an embroidery proje
£ 18.99 each
1 item in stock
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Smøyg - Yvette Stanton
2018-11-24 13:29
Smøyg - Yvette Stanton Learn how to create 13 beautiful embroidered pieces by award-winning embroiderer Yvette Stanton, inspired by traditional Norw
£ 16.99 each
Chinese Knotting - Cao Haimei & Lin Yuming
2018-11-24 13:20
Chinese Knotting - Cao Haimei & Lin Yuming Over the centuries, Chinese knotting has continued to evolve and has been incorporated in fashion, jew
£ 21.99 each
No stock
Spellbound Beaded Tassels - Julie Ashford
2018-11-24 13:12
Spellbound Beaded Tassels - Julie Ashford 12 fabulous chapters full of all things tassel-related. Perfect for the small beading enthusiast this book
£ 14.99 each
No stock
Chinese, Celtic & Ornamental Knots - Suzen Millodot
2018-11-24 13:02
Chinese, Celtic & Ornamental Knots - Suzen Millodot This beautiful book showcases Suzen Millodot’s unique and distinctive style. The knotwork
£ 14.99 each
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Miniature Doilies to Crochet
2018-11-24 12:55
26 petite doilies made with size 10 thread by Annie's Crochet These little beauties make great gifts to slip into cards, or to use as coasters, pack
£ 7.99 each
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Hishikazari Template Tool Kit
2018-10-31 19:42
Learn how to make beautiful Japanese diamond ornaments in 5 sizes with this template tool kit Diamond ornaments are a feature in many of the Japanese
£ 14.99 each
Build your own Tape Loom Kit
2018-10-31 16:36
Build your own 18th century style box tape loom! This kit contains everything you need to build you own wooden box tape loom - no woodworking skills
£ 69.99 each
Pretty Posy Wirework Brooch Kit - Pink
2018-10-23 08:06
Ganutell is the name for small flowers created using a coiled wire. This kit takes you step-by-step through the process, including making your own coi
£ 15.99 each
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