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Sharps - 7/9 Pk9 - Certain Stitch System
2021-08-19 16:06
Sharps - 7/9 (9 needles in total) - colour bands to the needle shaft for the Certain Stitch System.  This needle range includes the colour banding
£ 1.99 each
Colour Eye Needles - Chenille Compact Selection
2021-08-19 15:46
Compact set of colour eye chenille needles. Sizes 20, 22, 24, 26 (24 needles).  Fine pointed embroidery needles with large, extra long eye &
£ 2.39 each
Colour Eye Needles - Crewels Compact Selection
2021-08-19 15:41
Compact set of colour eye crewel needles. Sizes 9, 10, 11, 12 (24 needles).  Fine pointed embroidery needles with large eye to accommodate deco
£ 2.39 each
Colour Eye Needles - Tapestry Compact Selection
2021-08-19 15:32
Compact set of colour eye tapestry needles. Sizes 22, 24, 26, 28 (24 needles).  Fine tapestry needles with extra long eye & blunt point for cro
£ 2.39 each
Hot-iron Transfer Pen
2021-08-18 17:18
  Simply copy any design onto tracing paper, using this pen, then iron the design straight onto the fabric. Ideal for creating unique embroidery des
£ 3.49 each
Cricket Cage
2021-08-07 00:00
A lovely little container to your treasures! The pieces include a base and lid cut from birch ply - you can leave this as natural wood (a little piece
£ 9.99 each
Stamp Set : Kanzashi Flower Stamps [#1019] : 22 stamps
2021-08-06 23:43
This stamp set contains 22 stamps specially designed to help you to create your own unique fabric squares for Kanzashi fabrics. Although designed wit
£ 10.99 each
Paddle Fan (3 pack)
2021-07-24 08:13
This fun pack of paddle fan blanks are perfect to embellish with all of your crafty makes - add some paper, paint, buttons, lace, flowers - whatever y
£ 6.99 each
Ring Button Moulds No 52 (25mm) Brass x 6
2021-07-23 12:30
Rings suitable for passementerie buttons - in particular Dorset and continental thread buttons. 25mm outer dia (No 52) Brass Pack of 6 Brass
£ 1.99 each
Ring Button Moulds No 51 (16mm) Brass x 8
2021-07-23 12:29
Rings suitable for passementerie buttons - in particular Dorset and continental thread buttons. 16mm outer dia (No 51) Brass Pack of 8 Brass c
£ 1.99 each
Dorset Ring Buttons Book by Gina Barrett
2021-07-22 10:04
Gina Barrett shows you how to make beautiful Dorset ring buttons using traditional techniques in this comprehensive guide. From favourite time honoure
£ 16.99 each
Button Finishing Tools (Slicker & Buttonhole Gauge)
2021-07-22 09:56
A handy little tool pack to help you to finish your buttons - and buttoning! Contains a slicker (to help move the ridge of a covered ring to the back
£ 3.99 each
Fine D'Aubusson Wool - 3724 (olive)
2021-07-21 15:53
This beautiful, super fine wool from Au Ver a Soie is labelled tapestry wool because it is the perfect size for traditional, woven tapestries. We woul
£ 1.99 each
Embroidery Button Kit - Deco Dayz (Set 003)
2021-06-19 09:27
Inspired by the bold coloours and the cheerful designs of artitsts such as Clarice Cliff and the bright art of the iconic transport posters of the 193
£ 15.99 each
Decorative Thread Winders -Victorian - 3 pack
2021-06-08 15:46
A pack of three decorative thread winders. Design unique to Gina-B Silkworks. Laser cut MDF.
£ 1.99 each
Broderie Anglaise Bundle
2021-05-26 22:08
Everything you need to get started making beautiful broderie anglaise - embroidered eyelet lace This pack includes two specially designed polymer sta
£ 39.99 each
Stamp Set : Eyelet Paisley [#1018] : 13 stamps
2021-05-26 22:03
Stamping isn’t just for papercraft! These stamps have been inspired by broderie anglaise and are designed for embroidery - stamping onto fabric is
£ 10.99 each
Lace Starch 30ml
2021-05-26 21:51
  This starch uses the same unique formulation as our Kanzashi Starch adhesive, but with a "runnier" consistency. This means that it can be brushed
£ 4.99 each
Hemmed Linen/Cotton Tablemats - pack of 2
2021-05-26 21:49
Pack of linen / cotton mix table mats - 48 x 33cm - pre hemmed on all sides - white These are terrific for stamping onto and working embroidery as we
£ 8.99 each
Pure Silk Gimp - 3/12 - Ivory - UK Made (.5mm)
2021-05-19 21:06
This beautiful, soft gimp is hand spun here in the UK and is silk throughout - silk wrapped around a silk core.  This has been commissioned by Gina-
£ 1.99 each
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