Izink Pigment Textile Ink Pad - Jaune (19028)

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Izink's Textile Ink is a water based pigment ink specially formulated for use on fabrics. Can be used on cotton, linen and silk. Superior and clean handling. The larger cushion allows you to print even the finest details on the stamps.

Leave to dry (5 - 15 minutes depending on fabric and density) then heat set with an iron. Heat over the absorbent material - a handkerchief, a towel, a kitchen paper towel.

I like to press with the highest heat that the fabric will take.

(Always test a small piece first - including washing)

Once set, can be washed at 30º (packaging states 30º - new guidelines state 40º)

Acid free.

Can also be used on many other porous surfaces.

Perfect for stamping prior to embroidery