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Vintage Style Thread Bobbins - large
2020-02-16 15:10
Pack of 3 two-part vintage style thread bobbins.  These sweet plywood bobbins make a lovely addition to any sewing box - they look lovely when wra
£ 2.99 each
Tatting Needles with needle threader
2020-05-31 12:12
Pony tatting needles with needle threader. Beside needle tatting, these longer, blunt ended needle can be used for tassel making, netting and other
£ 2.99 each
Huck Embroidery Needles
2020-05-31 12:16
3 Clover huck embroidery needles. Steel needles by Clover, specially designed for Swedish Huck embroidery. The end of the needle is bent, which makes
£ 2.75 each
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Sashico (sashisko) Needles - 4 types
2020-05-31 12:18
A set of 4 types of Sashico embroidery needles. Set of 8 needles (4 types) with gold eyes from Clover with sharp needle tip. Dia  - Length - Quanti
£ 3.99 each
Swift bend beading needles
2020-05-31 12:20
Clover Swift bead beading needles x 2 These super fine wire needles have a large eye for your thread and a fish-hook type shape at the threading end.
£ 7.99 each
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Buttonhole Cutter / Chisel
2017-06-20 19:03
Georgian tailors used buttonhole chisels to create clean buttonhole cuts. This updated design incorporates a soft grip handle and sharp blade. Premiu
£ 3.49 each
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Milward Adjustable Punch Needle
2020-08-01 14:23
Milward Adjustable Punch Needle Available at a great price from Gina-B Silkworks.
£ 7.49 each
Yarn Needle - large, rounded eye
2020-11-05 17:05
  Two pack plastic yarn needle with slightly rounded eye, allowing for thicker threads to be more easily threaded through that longer eyes.  3mm s
£ 1.20 each
Hand Beading Needles - 6 Pack - Sizes 10-15
2021-05-19 19:21
Pack of six beading needles - sizes 10-15.  Super fine for beading, also good for sewing purls and bullions. 
£ 1.59 each
Adhesive Tape Measure
2021-05-19 19:25
This adhesive tape measure is perfect for adding to the edge of your table - it is removable and repositionable. It is 150cm / 60" long, and shows bot
£ 2.59 each
Tambour Hook Needle Set (1 handle, 3 hooks)
2021-05-16 11:52
A traditional style tambour hook set with wooden handle, brass end attachment and 3 different sized needles. Needle size @ #70 (.7mm) , #90 (.9mm), #
£ 8.99 each
Flat needle for plate / metal strip embroidery
2021-05-16 11:44
This little needle is designed to aid in sinking the end of broad plate (flat metal strip) to the back of the fabric.  The needle is flat with a 1mm
£ 2.49 each
Decorative Thread Winders - 3 pack
2021-06-08 14:46
A pack of three decorative thread winders. Laser cut MDF.
£ 1.99 each
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