Vintage Style Thread Bobbins - large SPO-3

£ 2.99 each
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Pack of 3 two-part vintage style thread bobbins. 

These sweet plywood bobbins make a lovely addition to any sewing box - they look lovely when wrapped with thread! Simply slide the two halves together and wind your thread around them. Thread can be wound directly onto the bobbins, or a piece of cloth can be wrapped around first. 

These bobbins have been designed by Gina-B Silkworks and are inspired by a bobbin in our personal collection.

These bobbins are the same size as those included with the Make Your Own 18th Century Style Tape Loom Kit, and are made of plywood, as are those. This means they can also be sanded and stained or waxed for an even nicer finish.

Each bobbin measures 57mm x 38mm