Button Display Frames

£ 5.99 each
  • Description

These little frames are a great way to display your favourite button. Each one consists of three parts - a back - which includes holes so that either the button can be sewn onto the backing, or alternatively a brooch or other fitting can be added from the back. The pieces can be painted or decorated as you like, and then the frame glued over the backing. Both can then fit into the stand. (Note that it is advisable not to use too much paint etc at the place where the stand is placed or the frame may not fit).


MDF 3-part frames – stand, back and frame designed to fit a 25mm button. The frames can be adapted to make a brooch or pendant.

Each set can be decorated using paint, inks, etc., before being glued together. 6 different frame styles – engraved “Cute as a button”, butterflies, dots, crosses, diamonds, and plain.