ATC 3 Pack Mixed pack 1 - MDF

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CreatiFrames® are a new and unique concept in textile art & one where your imagination can be let loose to create stunning art to display in your home.

Available in a huge range of styles & sizes, CreatiFrames® have been designed so that your textile art is displayed on the same frame it was created on.

These ATC* sized packs are great as an introduction to CreatiFrames® - the small size means that each little project can be completed quickly. Use them as trading cards, or as embellishments for larger projects, including cards, scrapbooking and so much more.

This pack contains 3 x ATC sized open CreatiFrames® (one of each style below) plus stands, in solid wood MDF.

CreatiFrame® 001 have slots on all sides to work a variety of techniques including a host of weaving styles, needlework & wrapping.

CreatiFrame® 002 have slots on two sides (the short edge for rectangle frames) and are suitable for rug work, weaving & tapestry.

CreatiFrame® 004 have a series of holes on all sides & are suitable for lace, embroidery & mini-quilts

Size- 63mm x 88mm approx

*ATC = Artist Trading Card - unique little pieces of art, traded freely amongst artists and craftspeople.

Frames can be decorated before or after working your chosen technique using paints, inks, stains, stamping, embossing, waxing... or simply leave the frames plain. Visit the CreatiFrame website for ideas & inspiration.

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