CreatiFrame Minis Small - Closed Square 001

£ 1.99 each
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These mini frames are great for jewellery, card embellishments, and sample pieces. The unique shapes allow for experimentation in a variety of techniques.

Open frames allow additional stitching to be included on the finished piece - try adding beads and embroidery for unique brooches and pendants. Add a passementerie button or ganutell flower for something really special!

Frames can be decorated before or after working your chosen technique using paints, inks, stains, stamping, embossing, waxing... or simply leave the frames plain.

Each pack contains three MDF frames - 38mm x 38mm

Closed Square 001 - Closed square design with slots on four sides

Brand URL : www.creatiframe.co.uk
Brand: CreatiFrameCreatiFrame