Pack of Posy Holders & Pins – Gold CONE3-G

£ 1.99 each
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Pack of 3 conical, filigree posy holders and brooch pins in a gold finish

Available in four finishes, these filigree cones are perfect for creating wearable ganutell posies or boutonnieres. The brooch pins are separate, allowing it to be wired or glued either to the cones themselves, or to the stems of the flowers, depending on the look you wish to achieve. 

They can also be used as cord ends!

Length approx 40mm

Finishes available:

Antiqued Bronze
Antiqued Copper

Note: occasionally the top filigree sections are bent inwards slightly, this can happen as part of the finishing process when the cones are tumbled together. These sections can be gently moved back into place.